Knitted Knee-caps in Red Wool, c.1890

Knitted Knee-caps in Red Wool

These will take 4oz. of crimson three-thread superfine fleecy wool. Bone knitting needles No.12.

Cast on 6 stitches. Knit 8 rows plain. Knit 20 rows, increase 1 at the beginning of each row picking up the thread that lies directly under the second stitch and knitting in it, until there are 26 stitches on the pin. Knit 40 plain rows. Knit 20 plain rows, in which decrease by knitting 2 together before the last stitch in each row, when there will be again 6 stitches on the needle. Knit 8 rows plain. Cast off. This forms the centre piece of the knee-cap.

Pick up 60 stitches along one side of the centre piece, knitting each stitch as you pick it up, and knit 3 plain rows. Then do 27 rows of ribbed knitting, 2 stitches plain and 2 stitches purl, all along. Knit 4 plain rows.

Next Row - Knit 2, make 1, knit 2 together and repeat to the end.

Knit 4 more plain rows and cast off. This is for the top of the knee-cap, and the holes are to run a piece of elastic in to keep it up.

For the bottom of the knee-cap, pick up 60 stitches along the other side of the centre piece and knit the same as for the top, casting off after knitting the first 4 plain rows.

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