Knitted Flap for Corsets, c.1890

Knitted Flap for the Back of Corsets, c.1890

"Many ladies who leave their corsets loosely laced down the back sew a flannel flap underneath the lacing to cover the space between the two back busks. The flannel has one disadvantage - it becomes crumpled with wear, especially if the staylaces are tightened from time to time. To obviate this discomfort, a band of ribbed knitting stretched right across the lacings and sewn down both its edges to the soft part of the corset beyond the bone has many advantages. It cannot curl up as does the flannel, preserves the wearer from cold and is so elastic as to set well if the lacings are loosened or tightened. Use soft white wool, single Berlin or 4-ply fingering and a pair of steel knitting needles No.12.

1st Row - Cast on 42 stitches and knit 1 row plain

2nd Row - * Knit 2, purl 2, repeat from * nine times, knit 2.

3rd Row - * Purl 2, knit 2, repeat from * nine times, purl 2.

Repeat the last two rows till the strip of knitting is the length of the corset, then knit 1 plain row, cast off, run in the ends and stitch to the inside of the corsets in the manner directed."

For further information, please see our Corset Covers, Protectors and Camisoles article.

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