An Acorn Pincushion

Acorn Pincushion c.1890  -  ENTER AT YOUR PERIL....

Required, a little green plush or velvet, some fine brown crochet macrame twine, a steel crochet needle, a little fine wire and some wadding for stuffing the acorn, which, when completed, should measure 7 inches long and 7 inches round. Fill a linen case with wadding, the bottom half of which is to be covered with plush, the top half being covered with the crochet cup.

For the Stalk - Work a piece of wire 1 inches long closely over in double crochet and twist the work round so as to give the stalk a natural bend.

For the Cup - Raise 3 stitches and work 2 double crochet in each stitch for two rounds.

3rd Round - Work 5 treble in 1 stitch, take out the hook and insert it in the first treble stitch and draw the fifth treble stitch through it, 1 chain and repeat.

4th Round - Like the third, only you miss a stitch after making the 1 chain.

5th round - Like the fourth, but increasing occasionally by making 2 chain instead of 1.

6th Round - Like the fifth.

Work 4 more rounds without increasing and fasten off.

Slip the acorn into the cup, run a thread through the top of the cup, draw it up tightly so as to keep the acorn from slipping out and fasten the end off securely. It is as well also to slip-stitch the edge of the crochet down to the plush.

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