Knitted Baby's Rattle, c.1918

Knitted Baby's Rattle, c.1918

"This is a charming little article for a little girl to make for a baby brother or sister. It consists of four sections, two of each colour and a strip of knitting for the handle.

Materials Required

J & J Baldwin's Beehive Andalusian Wool is one of the best kind for the purpose; ounce is required. Two contrasting colours are preferable, but this arrangement is optional; two needles No 14; four bells (four for a penny can generally be bought at a toyshop); 1 yards of ribbon, inch wide, to match the wool and a wooden stick 8 inches long - an unsharpened pencil will serve the purpose.

Directions for Working

Cast on 20 loops and work a square of plain knitting with a chain edge (insert needle as for purling, slip off the loop onto the needle, pass wool round to the back, ready for knitting plain and continue). Cast off loosely and knit altogether four squares exactly the same size - two of each colour.

Knit a strip similarly for the handle. Cast on 10 or 12 loops, or sufficient in number to go round the stick and make the strip the required length with a chain edge. Cast off tightly and sew up the strip, slipping the stick in position and securing the ends so that the handle is firm.

Use the four squares, arranged alternately if different colours have been chosen, by placing the four top corners of each at the top of the stick and fastening them securely.

The four opposite bottom corners must be caught down to the wool on the handle. The squares will touch each other at the side corners and are fastened with a bell at each of these four meeting points.

A bow of ribbon gives a finish to the top. The ribbon is also fastened round the base of the upper part and the ends are left sufficiently long to fasten to the child's waist."

Please be careful when giving period toys to young children.

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