Baby's Crocheted Petticoat, c.1914

Baby's Crocheted Petticoat, c.1914

Materials required: 4 ounces of Baldwin & Walker's (Ltd) 4-ply white "Ladyship" Scotch Fingering. Medium sized crochet hook.

[Commencing at neck:]

Make 156 chains

1st Row:  Make 51 groups of 2 trebles into 2 chains, missing 1 stitch between each group, but making no chain between them. These 51 groups will take up 153 stitches, and the extra 3 stitches, 1 for turning at the beginning of the first row.

Turn always with 2 or 3 chains.

2nd Row:  Make 1 treble between 1st and 2nd treble group in previous row and one treble after the 2nd treble, and then 2 trebles between each group to end of row, ending by making two trebles between last stitch and turning chain of previous row. Always begin and end the rows as this 2nd row.

3rd Row:  Like 2nd row.

4th Row:  Make 8 groups, then1 treble into the next place, miss 9 places and 1 treble into the 10th place; make 13 groups, 1 treble into 14th place, miss 9 places, 1 treble into 10th place, finish the row in the usual way. The missed places are for the armholes.

5th Row:  Make the groups as usual with 1 group extra under each arm between the 2 single trebles.

Do 11 more rows with groups of 2 trebles.

Do 4 rows with groups of 3 trebles. Now work all round.

Do 6 rounds with groups of 3 trebles.

Do 6 rounds with groups of 4 trebles.

Do 1 row or groups of 7 trebles in the middle of the groups of 4 trebles and 1 double between each group.

Make the same edging round the armholes, only with 5 trebles instead of the 7 trebles round the neck.

Run ribbon in neck and 13th row of bodice.

Please be careful when dressing children in period clothing.

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