Silver Crocheted Purse, 1912

Silver Crocheted Purse, 1912

The materials required for this little purse are a reel of Sobritto silver thread No.70 and a rather coarse steel crochet hook. If a more ornate purse is desired, the worker would do well to get a small clasp and sew the bag into it instead of finishing off as described below.

Make 5 chain and join to form a little loop. Then make 1 chain and 10 double crochet into this loop, joining with a slip stitch to the first double crochet.

For the 2nd row, begin with 1 chain and work 2 doubles into the first stitch, 1 double into the next and continue in this way all round.

As crochet workers vary in their work so much it is better to leave the increasing to the discretion of the individual opinion. When the work appears likely to drag, work 2 doubles into a stitch rather frequently. If, on the other hand, it seems that the work is inclined to become too full, the worker would do well to stop increasing a little.

Work round and round till a circle measuring 2 inches is made. Then make a similar round [circle].

Join these two circles strongly together with double crochet into every stitch. When half-way round take each flap separately, working 3 chain and 1 double into every third stitch.

Next make a chain to run right round these two flaps and form a loop to hold the purse, which is now finished.

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