Ladies Mittens With Thumb, c.1890

Ladies Mittens With Thumb, c.1890.  Sorry about the creepy hand!

Required 1 oz. of brown, Ľoz. of blue single Berlin wool. Knitting needles No.14.

With the brown wool cast on 48 stitches and knit in ribbed knitting, 1 stitch plain and 1 stitch purl, for 40 rows. Slip the first stitch in every row instead of knitting it, to do so makes a smoother edge.

The side where the tag of wool is, is the side to increase for the thumb. Having done the 40 rows, make 1 extra stitch in every row which begins on the thumb side of the mitten, by picking up the thread that lies directly under the second stitch and knitting it, keeping the work in regular ribs as before. When you have done 40 more rows there will be 68 stitches on the needle.

Now, beginning at the thumb end without any increase, knit 20 stitches still in ribs and leaving the other stitches on the pin, knit these 20 stitches backwards and forwards for 8 rows, then join on the blue wool, knit 5 more rows and cast off.

With brown wool commence again where you divided for the thumb and knit 12 rows, then join on the blue wool and knit 5 more rows and cast off.

The other mitten is to be knitted exactly the same. Sew them up, one for the right and the other for the left hand. Work 3 rows of herringbone stitch with the blue wool on the ribs which come in the middle of the back of the hand.

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