American Knitted Overshoes, c.1890

American Knitted Overshoes, c1890     American Knitted Overshoes, c1890

These shoes which are made exactly in the shape of a bag, are intended to draw over a kid boot for extra warmth when travelling. The Americans wear them over their boots for walking in frosty weather, as the roughness of the wool upon the icy ground is a sure preventative against slipping. They are also useful as bedroom slippers and will fit quite closely on any sized foot by reason of the elasticity of the knitting. Our engravings show one slipper in actual wear drawn over a boot and the other slipper as it appears in bag shape when off the foot.

Procure 1˝ozs of claret colour and ˝oz of black good quality Scotch fingering or single Berlin wool and a pair of No.12 steel knitting needles.

Cast on 60 stitches with claret wool and work in ribbing of 2 stitches plain and 2 stitches purl for 30 rows.

Take black wool and work in the same ribbing for 12 rows.

Resume claret and continue ribbing for 50 rows and cast off.

Fold the knitting double, selvedge to selvedge. Sew the selvedges together to form the front of the shoe; and sew the cast-off stitches together, these will be in the centre of the sole. Fold the cast-on stitches inside to reach the top of the black kitting and hem down. Make a bow and ends, or a rosette of ribbon to smarten the instep.

Knit the other shoe in the same manner.

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