A Crocheted Work Box, c.1890

Crocheted Work Box, c.1890

Required, yard each of crimson satin and sateen, 2 yards of crimson cord, 1 yard of crimson satin ribbon inch wide, some stout cardboard, a little wadding, 1 ball of fine crochet macrame twine (tan colour) and a fine steel crochet needle. Make a box with the cardboard 9 inches square and 2 inches deep, line it with satin and cover the outside with sateen. The bottom of the inside of the box and the outside of cover are to be padded.

For the Cover - Make a chain of 4 and join. You must join at the end of every row when working the cover.

1st Row - Work 3 double crochet in each of the 4 chain to form the corners.

Work 5 more rows of double crochet, increasing 3 stitches at each corner so as to keep the work square throughout.

7th Row - In point neige or shell stitch, which is worked as follows, - Insert the needle in the first stitch and draw the thread through so as to form a loop, raise 3 more loops in the same way in the 3 next stitches and draw the thread through all 5 loops at once and make 1 chain; this completes the first shell, * raise a loop in the hole formed by 1 chain, another in the stitch which holds the last loop of the first shell and 2 more in the next two stitches, and draw the thread through all 5 loops at once, make 1 chain and repeat from * to the end of the row.

8th Row - Double crochet.

9th Row - Like the 7th.

10th Row - Double crochet.

11th Row - Turn, work 5 treble in the first stitch, take out the needle and insert it in the first treble stitch and draw the fifth treble stitch through it, 1 chain, miss 1, and repeat.

12th Row - Turn, double crochet.

13th Row - Like the 7th.

14th Row - Double crochet.

15th Row - Like the 11th.

16th Row - Like the12th.

17th Row - 1 treble in each of the first two stitches, 2 chain, miss 2, and repeat.

18th Row - Double crochet.

19th Row - Like the 11th.

20th Row - Like the 12th.

21st Row - Like the 7th.

22nd and 23rd Rows - Double crochet.

24th Row - Like the 7th.

Work 7 more rows in double crochet and fasten off.

Cover a piece of cardboard 1 inches square first with wadding, then with satin and stitch it in the centre so as to cover the first six rows. Thread the ribbon through the holes, stitch the crochet on the cover and sew on the cord, making a loop with the cord at each corner as shown in the illustration. For the Sides of Box - Make a chain of 24 and work backwards and forwards in double crochet, taking up the back thread only of stitches in previous row, till you have done a piece long enough to go round the box; then join up the sides and work 1 row of double crochet and 1 row like the 11th, round the top and bottom; fasten off and sew it on to the box, then stitch on the cover.

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