A Crocheted Blotter, c.1890

Crocheted Blotter, c.1890.  Click here to view.

Procure the same materials as for the Crocheted Work Box with the addition of a few sheets of blotting paper, as this blotter is made to exactly match the work box. Make the cover as described for the work-box cover and on the inside there would be a pocket (made of thin cardboard and covered with satin) to hold note paper and envelope.

For the Pad - Cover a piece of cardboard first with wadding and then with satin and paste a piece of white paper on the inside. Sew on a little three-cornered piece of satin across each corner and slip in the blotting paper, which must be cut the same size as the cardboard. Bind the cover and the pad with a piece of satin (doubled) about 1 inches wide, and the opening of the pocket should be inside and parallel with the binding.

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