Doll's Hat or Other Christmas Present c.1889

"A strip of cardboard is cut and joined to fit the doll's head, then lined inside with gold paper, a narrow band of which is also pasted along the lower edge outside. Four squares of cloth are next cut out as shown in the detailed diagram below.

 Doll's Hat or Other Christmas Present c1889

These are embroidered in filoselle, and in the centre of each a small round of satin is pasted and covered with long stitches of silk. In the original, two of the squares were of drab cloth embroidered with maroon, the other two maroon, worked with yellow and bronze filoselle, the pattern being outlined with a fine cord of mixed colours. The four squares are slightly pasted in the middle to secure them firmly to the cardboard foundation, joined at the top and ornamented with woollen or chenille pompoms.

 Doll's Hat or Other Christmas Present made-up, c1889

Now as a hint to clever workers, I may say that it is by no means necessary that this smart little hat should be used merely for its original purpose. The crown may be filled up inside with loops of black wool, cut and combed, or with a small rosette of cloth, thus making a most ornamental pen-wiper; or it may have a small bag of silk fastened round the edge, so that it will hold sugar plums, or serve as a pence purse. Filled in firmly with bran, the opening at the bottom covered with a round piece of satin, it is converted into a useful pincushion. A pretty hat, too, may be made on the same principle, but of squares of woollen crochet or knitting, instead of cloth. In short, it is just the sort of pretty trifle that is useful for a Christmas tree and should be made of very bright, gay colours."

Please be careful when giving period toys to young children.

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