Crocheted Muff for a Child,1864

Child's Crocheted Muff, 1864

"Materials:- From 3 to 4 oz. of double zephyr, chinchilla or white and black. [Also wadding, lining silk, cord and tassels.]

Make a chain 1/4 of a yard in length. Work in dc stitch, 2 stitches to a block, 1 ch between each block. Work in rows until the piece is 1/2 yard in length. If made of white wool, it should be spotted with black in imitation of ermine. Make up the inside of the muff with wadding and silk, (scarlet or blue if the crocheted part is of chinchilla and if white, the lining should be all white). Stretch the crocheted work over the foundation muff so made. Finish with cord and tassels."

Please be careful when giving period items to children.

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