Ladies' Travelling Ulster (Overcoat), circa 1910


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"Heavy travelling ulsters made in blanket or fleece cloth with heavy collar and loose poncho sleeves are now in demand, and we give a typical shape which can easily be worked out from the diagram."

Diagram 1 - The Body

"When measuring for these coats, take the sleeve from neck point over shoulder bond to cuff, while the arm is resting at the side."

Diagram 2 - The Sleeve

"To cut the sleeve lay the body pattern together at the shoulders and mark B to D, the length. Sweep from A, at 1 inch out and mark 4 and 5 as shown, also mark the size of cuff as desired. Sweep from side seams 4 and 6 as shown."

Diagrams 3 & 4 - Collars

"Diagram 3 shows the cutting of a wide roll collar, D to E being made the difference between the stand and fall. Diagram 4 is the roll square back type indicating the grown on stand as shaded marks and the general outline, which, after closing back and front parts, may be marked to taste. A vee may be put in, as K, to provide a dart for the bust."

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