Ladies' Evening Costume, 1907

Ladies' Evening Dress, 1907

"This dress is drafted in nine (9) pieces, namely: front, back, yoke, collar, sleeve, standing collar, and three skirt portions.

"Use the scale corresponding to the bust measure to draft all bodice portions, and corresponding to the waist measure to draft all skirt portions. Regulate all lengths by the tape measure.

"Gather the fullness in the front at the top into such space as will fit the front portion of the yoke and join the same to the yoke at this point. Also gather the fullness in the back at the top into such space as will fit the back portion of the yoke and join the same to the yoke at this point. Join the whole at the under-arm seam. Gather fullness at the waist line into such space as will fit waist measurement and hold same in position by the use of a tape unless a lining is used. Adjust the large collar in position by placing centre of back of collar to centre of bodice back, allow same to fall in position around front as illustrated. Bind neck and adjust standing collar in the usual way. The sleeve is a puff sleeve ending in a triple ruffle at the elbow. Join this sleeve and adjust same in arms-eye gathering fullness at top into such space as will fit arms-eye. Gather fullness at bottom into such space as will fit the arm at the elbow or just above and hold same in position and join ruffles. Join the skirt portions and finish at top and bottom in the usual way. Arrange the fullness at top in deep folds all excepting the front gore which is left perfectly plain.

"This dress will be developed very nicely in silk or any soft material. The one illustrated has a large collar of allover lace, edged with ruffles of the material. Embroidery extends down the front panel of the skirt and around the bottom of the same. Two clusters of wide tucks, two in each cluster, also adorn the bottom of the skirt."


Bodice Front

Bodice Back


Large Collar

Standing Collar

Puffed Sleeve

Skirt Front

Skirt Side

Skirt Back

An additional piece was given in this pattern - a Peplum - which seems to serve no purpose.

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