Lady's Old-fashioned Chemise, 1889 - 1893

Front View, Lady's Old-fashioned Chemise, 1889 - 1893

"Use the scale corresponding to the bust measure. It is in six pieces: Front, Back, Front Yoke, Back Yoke, Band and Sleeve. Regulate the length by the tape measure."




Front & Back Yokes, Sleeve & Sleeve Band

This 1889 pattern was reprinted in 1893 and it can be used at least as late as that date, though this yoked style was in use from the crinoline era.

Note also that there is a misprint on the back yoke. The part marked "Top" is actually the centre back. We have correctly labelled Top and CB in red.

We do not have the scale measures for drafting this garment, so draft to the size given and then alter to fit.

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