The paletot is edged all round with a thick black silk cord. It is further trimmed with " black cord, black buttons and a black silk ribbon bow, 2 inches wide. The revers of the hood are covered in black velvet.

Cut two each of the front, side, back, cuff - the standing collar and hood being each cut on the fold. Note the different cutting lines for the upper and under sleeves and cut two of each.

The two halves of the back are sewn together from the neck to the lower balance mark only, leaving a vent below. Assemble the body of the paletot and face the front edges with a strip of taffeta, 3" wide. Make a narrow hem on the lower edge and put on the standing collar, lined with silk, at the neck. Trim the lower edge with silk cord, put on the buttons for the front and make the button-holes.

The wrong side of the hood is covered with velvet from the upper edge to about an inch over the fold line, for the revers. Fold on the line, decorate and attach to the paletot, matching the stars at the back and the double dots at the front neck.

Sew the upper and under sleeve pieces together. Put on the cuffs, trimmed with cord and sewn together between the star and double points. Sew the sleeves to the armholes, matching the front sleeve seam to the balance mark.



Side and Back

Upper and Under Sleeve

Hood with Revers

Standing Collar


This pattern contains no seam allowances or facings.

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