Enlarging Our Diagrams, Peterson's Magazine, July 1877

"We have received various letters from new subscribers, asking us how to enlarge our diagrams. We gave directions in our May number but repeat them again for the benefit of these new subscribers."

"The best plan is to take some old muslin and then, with the help of the tape-measure, begin to lay out the garment the size needed, following the diagram. First cut the front, measure the number of inches the diagram indicates down the front. Cut the required length straight wise of the cloth; next, make the slope for the neck; next, shape the shoulder, according to the number of inches given; then shape the armhole, (here it would be well to take the measure of some garment in use, of a good fit, and fit its measure across the bust; adapt this to the pattern you are cutting); next, make the slope from the arm-hole to the end of the side-seam, according to the measurement, observing the proper curve; then cut off the required length, observing carefully the width indicated. On this mark off the darts (if any) with a lead pencil, and the front is complete. Proceed in this manner with each of the several pieces given. This forms one-half of the entire pattern."

"Duplicate all the pieces, baste carefully together, and then, of course, the garment must be accurately fitted to the person, before cutting into the new material. A few trials, we are sure, will enable any one, with even little experience, to cut readily from any diagram, observing always to be particular about the measurements given, for all the parts are cut to fit accurately, inch for inch."

Petersonís Magazine, July 1877.

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