Kilted Suit for a Girl of Six Years, February 1876

Kilted Suit for a Little Girl of Six Years, February 1876

"This suit is princess in style, there being no join at the waist. The skirt, at the back, is kilt-plaited, sewn to a waistband and tacked beneath the basque. A belt is sewn to the seams beneath the arms and is fastened in front with hooks and eyes. The frock buttons down the front. The band round the skirt, basque and collar, likewise on the sleeve, may be either wide mohair braid, or a lighter shade of the same material as the frock. Our model is made of dark navy-blue beige, trimmed with a cross-band of a lighter shade; but alpaca, merino or serge may be used."

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"We give the front and back of this suit. The patterns consists of five pieces; see diagram."

December 1874.

For the original hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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