Lady's 'Violin'-seamed Bodice, December 1874

Lady's bodice with 'violin'-shaped seams, December 1874

"As bodices of either two shades of the same colour or two contrasting colours are now fashionable, we give the latest style, namely, the "Violin Bodice", so called, because the back assumes the shape; and below we give a diagram by which to cut it out."

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"The parts marked No.1, 2 and 3 form the outside part of the bodice, while Nos.4 and 5 are the underneath parts, forming the vest in front and the centre-piece of the back. In making a bodice after this design, the parts 4 and 5 should be the same colour or shade of the solid part of the dress, while Nos.2 and 3 be of the lighter or contrasting shade, as are also the trimmings of the tunic and under-skirt."

December 1874.

For the original hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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