Double-Breasted Polonaise Dress for a Little Girl, October 1874

Double-Breasted Polonaise Dress for a Little Girl, October 1874

"This model may be made up in either reps, merino or alpaca. If preferred, the under-dress may be striped and the Polonaise plain; but in this case the Polonaise should be sleeveless and the striped material used for under-bodice and sleeves. The revers and the bands on the sleeves should also be striped." [Click here for definition of polonaise.]

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"Our pattern consists of one front, side-piece, back, sleeve and pocket. The perforated [?] line on the front shows the centre, a row of buttons being added to each side of it. The front is straight and the side-piece [side of the front] is draped to the same length as the side-piece. The long basque or tunic is plaited beneath the shorter basque of the back, the latter being left as full tab."

December 1874.

For the original hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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