Lady's Casaque of Cloth, September 1874

Lady's Casaque of Cloth, September 1874

"This casaque is for morning promenade wear and should be made of the same material as the costume worn with it, or of ladies’ cloth. The pattern consist of six pieces, representing one half of the casaque - front, half of back, under Basque, pocket, collar and sleeve."

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"The fronts are buttoned from neck downward, and the basques, on the contrary, are left open to the waist and trimmed. The front, under the arm, wraps over on to the under basque and has the effect of being buttoned there. The longest part of the under-basque is the centre of the back; it must be sewn to a waistband and tacked inside, under the upper-basque. The upright collar is narrowed toward the front. The ornament upon the sleeve matches the pocket and is to be cut out and made from the same diagram."

September 1874.

For the original hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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