Lady's Ristori Mantle, December 1856

Ladies' Ristori Mantle, December 1856

"The Ristori Mantle, like the tragedienne whose name it bears, is now one of the most, if not the most, popular mantle of the season. It is certainly very graceful and becoming to almost every figure, besides being particularly comfortable."

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"The material is cloth, trimmed with velvet round the mantle and sleeve and with pointed bretelles of the same. These may or may not be trimmed with fringe. Double buttons and elastic loops fasten it down the front. They are not so large as those usually seen. The fancy plush ribbon so much in vogue may be substituted for velvet in the Ristori mantle."

December 1856.

For period hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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