Lady's Jacket or jacket-bodice,November 1856

Ladies' Jacket or jacket-bodice,November 1856

"This very comfortable jacket is made of cloth, trimmed with velvet of the same colour or black, which is generally appropriate for the garniture of any colour. The jacket, like very many dresses of the present, is made with a small cape, trimmed with narrow rows of velvet ribbon of the same colour as the rest of the velvet. This cape is trimmed with fringe. Of the double sleeve, the upper one is cut up the centre, nearly to the shoulder and finished with buttons and tassels. The under sleeve has a puffing, confined by bands of velvet and a deep frill, trimmed with velvet, scalloped to correspond with that of the jacket."

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"Two hints we will venture to give to such of our friends as work from our models. Always make a jacket of this sort large enough to go over any dress body. It will be far more useful; and cloth is a substance which does not look untidy if it does not fit quite closely to the figure."

"Also, if you wad or pad any part, quilt the wadding on dimet [sic], before laying it in the cloth - the dimet, not the wadding, going next to the cloth. Unless this is done, the fluff will work its way through the finest and closest cloth, or even through velvet and will give both materials a dusty look that is by no means ornamental."

November 1856.

For period hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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