Dress-Frock for a Little Girl, October 1856

Little Girl's or Child's Dress-Frock, October 1856

"This very pretty frock is composed of silk and muslin. The body is of the former material, with a bertha of muslin, confined in various places by a lace insertion. It is edged with lace and has a piece of the same falling round the top. The sleeve is double, the upper one being of silk, vandyked and the under one of lace or embroidered muslin."

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"A double skirt has each part trimmed with a row of puckered silk, put on quite plain and with lace edging laid over it."

"Tabs, similar to those in the Basquine a l’Espagnole, are set in at the waist and fall to the edge of the upper skirt. They are trimmed with lace and narrow velvet ribbon. A knot of ribbon, with floating ends, of the colour of the dress, is placed at the top of each tab."

"The dress may be made entirely of silk, in which case, the lace should be black, unless the silk is of a very light hue. The bertha may then be of muslin, silk or lace. The under sleeves must be of embroidered muslin."

October 1856.

For period hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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