Lady's Fashionable Mantle, September 1856

Ladies' Fashionable Mantle, September 1856

"The design we give this month is for a mantle of the newest and most elegant form. It is intended to be worn very low on the shoulders, over a high dress. It is of lavender or other silk, with an upper cape of the same colour, covered with black net, put on full, as seen in the engraving and confined here and there by ruches of ribbon, finished by bows and ends of satin or velvet. The upper cape has a bugle trimming. The lower cape is trimmed with black velvet ribbon and deep black lace. The ends are rounded and intended to cross in front."

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"Our diagrams convey the dimensions of the different parts. The black lace is put on very deep round the back and gradually sloped off before the ends are to be trimmed. It is twelve inches in its greatest depth and three in the narrowest."

September 1856.

For period hints on how to enlarge these patterns, see Enlarging Our Patterns, 1877.

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