October 2003



any apologies for the lateness of this update and thank you for your patience.

Here are the latest items, which we had hoped to have ready four weeks ago.

On the pattern page we have added a couple of patterns to the neglected gentlemen's and children's sections.

There is a delightful little boy's Russian blouse costume in the Children's pattern section. Russian blouse suits were usually low-waisted, side-fastening tunics, worn over knickerbockers - rather like a miniature Cossack's uniform. This Edwardian example is more of an informal play outfit than a formal suit and looks fun to make, if you can only get him to wear it!

In the Gentlemen's section, we now have a draft of an Edwardian man's shirt. We hope our gentlemen, who, until now, have been making do with only a pair of long drawers, will find the shirt useful. It has a separate bib front overlaid onto the shirt front. This can be starched for a formal shirt or omitted entirely.

The Heirloom Sewing article from 1911 is now ready - Butterick's Sewing Stitches outlines some of the techniques of embroidery, tucks and lace application essential for Victorian and Edwardian clothing. They are a handy compromise between the age-old, time-consuming, skills of hand sewing and the convenient modern machine zig-zag techniques which are more popular today. Instead authentic machine straight-stitch is employed with some hand finishing, for relatively speedy but delicate results.

A Picture of Home?Our Work-Table has been updated with a number of items from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The knitted coat and cap are from the 19teens and are ideal for a motoring costume. There are also a variety of very silly novelties in knitting and crochet, which I hope will afford you some amusement. The knitted finger-stall (or bandage cover), for example, is particularly ridiculous, but we strongly recommend that you do not try to actually use it, especially with regard to the elastic band!

I hope you enjoy these latest offerings and I promise that we shall update a little sooner next time. Please continue to enjoy our pages.

Best wishes,

Jane Gray

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