July 2003


ummer is well and truly upon us and it is probably time for another editorial update for the Ladies Treasury. In the past few months we have added some new items and are in the process of adding a few more.

The Overview of Underwear is now available, with pictures too. I am particularly fond of the two 1891 corseted French ladies who begin and end this article. What exceptional quality their underwear seems to be, and they wear it all with such attitude!

An item on an 1890s bathing dress is included in the Victorian section of the Articles Menu, which has some useful notes on bathing costumes in general.

We have also added a description of two 1910 blouses in the Edwardian section.
Swans on the River.These are illustrated with diagrams of the cutting layouts, which give a good indication of the pattern pieces required to make them up.

There are a couple of new patterns in the Victorian and Edwardian sections of the Free Patterns Menu, as well as a couple of lace knitting patterns in the Work Table.

For the sake of everyone's sanity, we have temporarily removed from the menus some of the titles that are not yet available. Apologies for taking so long with items like the blouse making articles and the children's and men's patterns. I promise that they will materialise eventually.

Finally, thank you for your emails of encouragement. It is so nice to get positive feedback from our "readers". I do hope you continue to enjoy our site.

Best wishes,

Jane Gray

 Archive Editorial:  April 2003

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