April 2005  


elcome to the spring update of the Ladies Treasury of Costume & Fashion. Over the last few weeks we have reorganised the site to make it easier for our readers to use and we've added plenty of new material too.

We have moved every article with only a rough pattern diagram or cutting layout to the Free Patterns Menu, (these were previously only listed in the articles menu as they did not contain any detailed measurements), along with all of the scale patterns and detailed drafting diagrams as before. Patterns are also listed in the Articles menu if they contain enough construction detail to be of general use for that era, (e.g. the 1869 Corset and the 1895 walking skirt). Clothing, accessories and trimmings that are constructed by techniques other than sewing, (e.g. by knitting or crochet) are still only listed in the Work-Table.

I am using this editorial page to list below, all of the new items in a "What's New?" manner.


1869 Corset has been updated - the construction information has been augmented with a few additional notes.
Everyday Dress, Peterson's 1874
Wedding Fashion, Harper's Bazaar 1879
1896 Walking Dress


We have several patterns from the 1850s to the 1870s from Godey's, Petersons, E.D.M. etc. These patterns are only rough diagrams with approximate measurements and can be quite hard to follow, but they are still a useful resource for the costume maker and have lovely engravings of the finished items, which can be enjoyed in themselves. In particular, the EDM illustrations from the 50s are very detailed. We begin with those listed below for Spring 2005, but there will be more to come.A Walk With A Parasol, 1890s

Aug 1856 Basquine
Sep 1856 Fashionable Mantle
Oct 1856 Dress-Frock for Little Girl
Nov 1856 Lady's Jacket
Dec 1856 Ristori Mantle
Jan 1857 Ball Dress
Mar 1857 Spring Paletot
Apr 1874 Waistcoat Bodice for Demi-toilet
Sep 1874 Casaque
Oct 1874 Girl's Double-Breasted Polonaise
Dec 1874 Violin Bodice
Feb 1875 Skirt Tunic
Mar 1875 Low Evening Bodice
Feb 1876 Girls Kilted Suit
Mar 1876 Cuirasse Waist
Apr 1876 Promenade Jacket
Sep 1876 Chintz Costume Bodice
Jul 1877 Skirt with Train Balayeuse

The Work-Table

c1890 American Overshoes
c1890 Toque for Little Boy
c1914 Crocheted Baby's Petticoat

I hope our menus are a little easier to use now and that you will find plenty here to inspire you over the spring months.

Best wishes,

Jane Gray

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