Yuletide Gifts for Women, 1897

Lives there a woman, I wonder, who does not love a present marked with Dame Fashion's approval, if it partake of the nature of dainty dress trifle, such as is indicated on this page.

That muff of violet velvet, lined with heliotrope silk and fittingly decorated with ribbon, lace and just a bunch of violets, is a gift I should certainly welcome.

Two Velvet Muffs

Another pretty muff of black velvet is also sketched; this has guipure edging lain on the velvet, which is further trimmed with ermine, ribbon and flowers and completed with a fancy gold and jewelled muff chain.

Then No.2 displays a charming evening corsage of embroidered lisse over silk and shows the newest trimming for the same - viz. ribbon and flowers.

Evening Bodice

For mother or grannie let me suggest a soft silk, muslin or crepe fichu after the style of our illustration ( No.5), but trimmed with lace and a narrow line of iridescent trimming.


The silk waist coat in No.4 would make a particularly dainty present for a girl friend; it has a finely tucked yoke trimmed with lace insertion.

Silk Waistcoat or Sleeveless Blouse

The novelty in this lies in the crossway straps of satin or velvet ribbon and the rosette in the centre; the collar, too, is exceedingly tasteful, consisting of a draped band of the velvet below the lace frill, which at the back is supported with loops of velvet.

Lace scarves, gloves, veil cases and dainty handkerchiefs suggest other useful and acceptable gifts from women to women.

For further information on 1890s clothing, please see our article THE NEW WOMAN - Fashion in the 1890s.

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