Christmas Presents for Men, 1878

Ladies frequently complain that gentlemen are difficult to please in the way of presents; but this assertion can only be received under a certain reserve. Anything connected with needlework, it is true, will meet with scant attention from the stronger sex, and other kinds of so-called artwork, unless when of exceptional merit, are liable to share the same fate. But let ladies only consult the real likings an needs of men and they will be surprised how well received and proudly cherished presents will, which have been chosen on correct principles.

Gentlemen's tastes are more or less bound up with sports of various kinds, and little appliances and mementoes, useful or ornamental, connected with their favourite pursuits, will always be welcome as presents. Let ladies visit one of the shops of the West end which exhibit knick-knacks and arrangements bearing on the needs of sportsmen and the paraphernalia of favourite pastimes and they will have but little trouble to find suitable presents for their gentlemen friends. Messrs Thornhill's display in Bond Street and their illustrated Christmas list, are especially conspicuous for the variety of new designs in hunting and boating cloaks, with aneroids, whip racks, stick stands etc., of quaint and elegant shapes.

Gentleman's Nine-pin Smoking Set

Novel arrangements for the convenience of smokers are numerous, in the shape of entire sets, cigar cabinets and tobacco jars, etc. The nine pin which when unscrewed, divides into two beakers for cigars and cigarettes, a match stand, a candlestick and a tray for the ashes.

Gentleman's Automatic Cigarette Case

Two practical cigarette cases with automatic action, likewise attracted our attention. Everybody who knows the difficulty of preserving cigarettes from being crushed in ordinary cases will appreciate these neat and convenient arrangements in sterling and nickel silver.

Fusee cases, ingeniously arranged to ensure the lighting of Vesta matches and cigar nippers in novel shapes, like the lobster claw we illustrate, also make welcome presents for lovers of the weed.

Gentleman's Lobster-claw Cigar Cutter

The indispensable brandy and soda-water trays and stands have been brought out in various new shapes, combining ornament and utility. The Stanley stands, formed of walrus tusks, continue to be in favour; and the hoof stand, of which we give an illustration, will be appreciated by lovers of horses.

Gentleman's Hoof Stand

Bibulous retainers of either sex have no longer any chance of tampering with their masters' supply of wine, liqueurs and spirits; and the contrivances to obtain this desirable end are more varied and ingenious than ever.

Messrs Thornhill's improved "Tantaliser" (Barker's patent) contains four bottles in an exceedingly compact, castor-like arrangement. The upper tray, on which the bottles rest, revolves round the central axis, so as to set the stoppers free from their guards.

Gentleman's 'Tantaliser' Decanter CaseGentleman's 'Sandringham' Decanter Case

Mr Macmichael's Sandringham case if furnished with a spring-lifting lock, which will cause the bar at the top to rise if the nozzle is touched, and give access to the bottles. Turning the key, the nozzle becomes fixed and the contents of the bottles inaccessible except to the holder of the key.

The number of smaller items suitable as presents for gentlemen is legion, comprising silver-mounted horn jugs and beakers, gold and silver cases for cedar pencils of every imaginable design, secret-lock purses, semaphore daters, match stands, fancy cruets, etc.

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