Two Edwardian Blouses with Cutting Layouts, c.1910
Enquire Within, c.1910

  The Annette Blouse   The Annette Blouse  

Here is a smart new blouse style for silk or delaine or any of the pretty new fancy woollen blousings, for silk and piece lace combined or with embroidery only, while the trimming may consist of gimp or insertion.

The pattern is arranged and presented in seven sections: back and front of blouse, back and front round yoke, collar, half cuff, sleeve, all of which sections except collar are shown in Diagram I.

Diagram I. showing pattern pieces of Annette Blouse

The double dotted lines on the front and back denote the position of tucks and the dotted line down the centre of the front denotes the double-breasted effect of the front, which is not required on the left front. The yoke parts are re-covered with embroidery, or they may be of velvet or silk, re-covered with piece lace.

Diagram II shows the pattern placed upon 44-inch material, ready for cutting out, the goods being folded lengthways and centre back. The middle of the front and back yoke sections are placed to the fold of fabric for

Diagram II, showing pattern pieces placed folded 44" material

cutting without a seam. All remaining parts come twice each, including the front and sleeve, while cuffs come twice each, the dotted line showing how these may be cut without a seam in either part. Collar can be cut double in the space between the front and the sleeve on the selvedge side. The scalloped effect of the left front may be cut away, as denoted by the dotted line and answers for facing the scalloped right front. The tucks from shoulder, front and back, are stitched to shoulder and bust depth respectively. Waist fulness is simply regulated in gathers and sleeve gathers are regulated at the shoulder as well as to the deep fancy-shaped cuff. The blouse buttons between each scallop. Yoke, cuffs and scalloped front are outlined with narrow galon and a waistband is formed of two rows of the same, mounted on a webbing band and fastening with a buckle in centre of front.

This style of blouse may also be carried out as a blouse bodice in material to match the skirt worn, if made up with a close-fitting, French-seamed lining foundation and sleeve lining.

Quantity of 44-inch material, 2 yards.



  The Mabel Blouse - a Simple Shirt Blouse   The Mabel Blouse - a Simple Shirt Blouse

This smartly-cut and useful shirt-blouse is for making in woollen or washing goods. As shown it is represented in striped woollen goods, the stripes of which run together in sets of three. The material is cut with stripes running diagonally in front, while those of the sleeve run round the arm, those of the box-pleat across and those of the collar, cuffs and yoke, down. Collar, cuffs, box pleat and yoke are finished entirely with a single row of stitching, and the blouse fastens in the centre front with small buttons.

Diagram showing pattern pieces placed on 29" material for cutting out

The pattern is arranged in six sections: front, back, saddle yoke, sleeve, half cuff and half collar. These are shown in the diagram placed upon plain 29-inch blousing ready for cutting out in the most economical way. The goods are opened full width for cutting the sleeve, front, yoke and cuff sections, also leaving space for cutting out the box pleat, which latter section is cut once only. Dotted lines show how to cut cuff and yoke parts without a seam in the centre. The half cuffs come twice each, these being seamed together for facing cuffs. The remaining length of material is divided half way across and folded lengthways in the centre, the middle of the back and of the collar being placed to the fold and thus cut without a seam. Sleeve fulness gathers at the shoulder and again to the deep cuff. The front fulness is regulated in gathers to the saddle yoke, and the centre of the seamless back is arranged in an inverted pleat from centre of yoke, or if preferred, the slight fulness may be regulated in gathers.

Quantity of 29-inch material, 3 yards.

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