Every-day Dresses, Garments, Etc., April 1874

Lady's Walking or Visiting Costume, April 1874

"We give first, this month a walking or visiting costume, of a very light and correspondingly dark shade of poplinette, or any other light woollen or combination of wool and silk material, suitable for the season. The skirt, which is made just to touch the ground and very narrow, is of the lighter shade; upon this foundation is placed a flounce of the darker shade, nine inches deep, cut on the bias and put on with but little fullness, and that nearly all at the back. Over this is a similar flounce of the lighter shade; both flounces being headed by a double puff and ruffle of the darker colour. The over-skirt is of the dark blue, simply trimmed with a bias fold of the same, with a sleeveless jacket of the dark blue. On the left side the over-skirt is looped with a sash, the ends fringed out of the light blue. As may be seen, the trimmings for the sleeves are made to correspond with the under-skirt. A box-plaited frill, made of the darker blue, lined with the light, completes the jacket at the throat, with the addition of an inside ruff of plaited tulle or clear muslin. Ten yards of the lighter shade and eight yards of the dark colour will make this costume. Any other pretty contrasting colour may be substituted in place of blue. Nice goods of this kind may be bought from forty up to seventy-five cents a yard.

Lady's Walking Costume, April 1874

"Next is another walking costume, particularly suited to the season, as it has the addition of a mantle to match the dress, the whole of which is made of light grey cashmere. The trimming of the skirt consists of a box-plaited frilling of the same material and bands on the apron-front of the material, corded with a darker shade of grey silk. The over-skirt and mantle are simply trimmed with a bias fold of the cashmere, same as on the front of the skirt. The mantle is cut in the shawl shape, with square ends in front and the addition of a small, pointed hood at the neck, ornamented with bows of taffeta. A slightly open sleeve is here substituted for the coat-sleeve, so indispensable for a walking costume. Fifteen yards of cashmere and two yards of silk will be required. This would look very nice made in alpaca and be less expensive. Quite a good alpaca can now be had for thirty-seven cents per yard and so on up the seventy-five cents or one dollar.

Lady's Muslin or Tarlatan Morning Toilet, April 1874

"Next we give a lovely morning toilet of white muslin or tarlatan. The skirt is ornamented with nine narrow flounces, simply hemmed, put on quite full upon a narrow foundation. The waist is high and the sleeves are trimmed with two bows of Valencienne or Duchess lace in imitation. The bodice is of coloured silk, and trimmed with the same kind of lace as are the braces and also the sash. The bodice and sleeves may be trimmed with goffered frills, if economy is desired, and will look very pretty; or puffing of the muslin or tarlatan over ribbon of the same colour. ne piece of tarlatan will be required and two yards of ribbon for the bodice. The bodice, sash and braces may be fashioned out of the best part of some half-worn dress of pink or blue taffeta.

Muslin or Tulle Cap for Elderly Lady, April 1874

"Next we give a cap of clear Swiss muslin or tulle, edged with a narrow Valencienne lace and trimmed with bows of any coloured ribbon or black velvet, suitable for a rather elderly lady.

Little Girl's Blue and White Checked Polonaise Frock, April 1874

"Next we give, for a little girl of five or six years, a frock of blue and white checked material, with plain, high waist and coat-sleeves, with a turned back cuff of blue cashmere. There is a band of blue cashmere ornamenting the bottom of the skirt. The apron-shaped Polonaise is of blue cashmere, trimmed with a narrow band of the same and pearl buttons; it is cut to open on the left side, where it buttons from the shoulder down to the bottom of the skirt. The opposite side is ornamented with false button-holes and buttons to match. Three and a half yards of checked material and one and half yards of blue cashmere will make this dress.

Little Girl's White Pique Polonaise Frock, April 1874

"Another little costume consists of white pique, trimmed with bias bands of blue percale. The little Polonaise is cut to fit the back and loose in front and is confined at the waist with a belt of the percale, finished at the back with a bow and box-plaited postillion, which is attached to the belt. The trimming at the neck is put on in the shape if a sailor collar, and the coat-sleeves have small turned-back cuff. Instead of trimming with percale, wide and narrow braid may be used, either of white or black. These pique dresses have been worn all winter by such little misses, but for the spring months are even more suitable."

Petersonís, April 1874

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